Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to Balance Work & Life- By Dilip Jain

Balancing Work & Life-By Dilip Jain

How much is work invading your personal life, and how much of your personal life is affected by the stress of trying to balance all the many responsibilities in your life? Everyone faces the issue of time management at one point or another, but as more and more people deal with working at one or more jobs, fighting long commutes, managing a household, attending school or other training, raising children, responding to increasing work and time pressures of the shrinking workplace, and dealing with aging parents, the days often seem to last long into the night and vacation and leisure time seem to be consumed with issues other than relaxation and personal fulfillment.

Dr. D.K Saraogi (Jain) is a highly qualified computer professional having nine post graduate degrees with seven gold medals. He has presented a number of papers on various technological, philosophical and management subjects in seminars organized by Chamber of Commerce and academic institutes like ICAI, ICWAI, CSI, etc. He has done extensive research on ‘Management by Thought Process’ and written a number of books like ‘Invisible World of Subtle Particles’, ‘Techniques and Effects of Positive Thinking’, and ‘Creative Visualization’. He is considered as one of the top 10 experts in E-Commerce, a latest computer related technological subject of the new Millennium. He has been awarded Honorary Doctorate degree by the Burkes University, England, United Kingdom for his outstanding accomplishments in the professional fields. Above all, he has done vast study on Jainism along with practice on meditation including ‘Preksha Meditation’, Pranic Healing, and Art of Living.

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